Poster Printer Responses:

We have had a HP Designjet 42-inch roll for now 10 years and only have had maintenance run on it a couple of times. Pretty sturdy printer. Suggestion...get as much memory as you can and many times the memory is dependent on the memory pushed from the server (it seems). The 42 inch plain paper isn't expensive and we also keep smaller rolls on hand to print the smaller posters. We have not problems printing from Photoshop or the other Adobe products.

I would highly recommend an HP Designjet. Your budget will allow you to purchase a 42" ps printer plus a few extra ink cartridges. Consider whether you will need the printer to be networked or not. The base model probably does not come with a network card installed. I sort of prefer to just have the printer connected to one computer and do all of my large format printing from that one place. These printers are the most ink-friendly of any printer I've ever used. I've had an 800 ps previously in my lab and am now using a 42" Designjet 500.

have a Canon iPF750 (Image Prograf) that we purchased from Tonas Graphix I really like it and have used it quite a bit. We can print up to 36" paper size (I can't imagine printing much larger). They have some really nice templates, but since we have Adobe I make my kids design most everything we do. Also, their templates aren't compatible with my Macs, but I have the printer installed on the one pc I have in my room in addition to the Mac.

I have an HP Designjet Z3200ps Photo. Prints up to 44” wide and VERY economical on ink. This is the 3rd school year I have used it and still have not replaced all the ink cartridges—think I have 2 left. I regularly print from InDesign, Photoshop, etc. I started with CS3 and now use CS5…no problems with compatability. Don’t know about the postscript thing, it as not been an issue.

I have used a HPDesignJet 130r in multiple places and locations. It's 24 inches wide and love - love - love it. Very economical on print cartridge costs as well.