We use it at Bryant and have been very pleased with it! We've had it for several years.

I used it a couple years ago and loved it. I have SmartSync now. I prefer AB tutor. It has more features. AB tutor will alert you when kids make certain keystrokes that you set. Smart Sync doesn't. My tech department didn't like it because if they had tech questions they had to call out of the US and wouldn't do it.

We have had in the past and are suppose to have in now, but the tech hasn't put the new code in . . . . anyway, I liked the program but it is the only program I have used so I don't have anything to compare it to. I was able to show students things on their monitors, take control of their screens, watch what they are doing, etc. The big draw back for me is I can't do anything on my computer while I am running the program - I think that could be handled with dual monitors.

I really like ABTutor. I haven't used anything else to compare it to. But, it works great for classroom management. I use it to lock them out of the internet and paint, to show them my screen so they can quickly find new tools, to chat occasionally, to lock their screen when I want them to listen and not type, to shutdown computers at the end of the day, to watch the students during reward time online, and to occasionally take control of individual computers.

I have used it for two years and I like it! I just got the newest version installed yesterday, and so far it looks like a lot of improvements have been made (it was semi-basic before). The only other program I have used is SynchronEyes...I wasn't so fond of it.

I love abtutor... we have some tech problems sometimes with it... but I think it is a great tool... i teach Computer Apps... you can do lots with abtutor to help and to keep students accountable for their computer usage...

I have used AB Tutor for a few years and really like it--and yes it is much cheaper! I have a new lab and haven't gotten it loaded to my computer yet---but really miss having it. You can lock their computers, you can send messages to individual students, etc.

I’ve been using it for years. It’s been fine to monitor what the students are doing. I also lock students out if I notice they are somewhere they shouldn’t be. (On their monitors, they see a white background with big black letters that say, ATTENTION PLEASE. It’s funny to see their faces when they’re wondering what in the world happened…) I can send them messages on their screens while they’re working, as well. Some teachers use it to demonstrate to students how to do things on the computer. I even like being able to quickly shut down computers that may have been left on at the end of the day using AB Tutor instead of going to each computer and following the shut down process. One thing I don’t like is how the program sometimes locks up when I’ve had it on most of the day…

I have used it for years, I like it a lot. It does enough for me (machine monitoring, screen capture, chat, screen lock, filters).

We have AB in our labs....we love it. It is usually user friendly and the response from technical support is usually really helpful. The only thing is the response is not immediate -- because they are based from the United Kingdom and the time zones are different. They will however respond by the next day

It is okay.... allows me to take over their computers, show them my computer, and block their screens when I want them to pay attention. I have not had the best luck with blocking websites, for some reason when I set a "policy" it never seems to work, but I'm sure it is me and not the program?! I prefer SynchronEyes, a similar software I used to have, simply because it was a little more user friendly and the blocking of websites always worked, but other than that, not too much of a difference.

I use AB Tutor in my business lab and I really like it. I can block all computers or just one or two from the internet if I like. I also use the option to lock all the computers when I need their full attention--I have it set so when I lock them, the message "Attention Please" shows on their screens. As I understand, I can also block any computer from any software application if I need to.